Your very own Digital GARÇON to assist your customers

Providing an effortless, efficient, and hassle free Fine Dining Experience with a smart Restaurant Application

GARÇON Makes your life Easier with Digital Table Reservations

Hassle free for your customers, No More waiting on Special Occasions

GARÇON Makes your Life Easier with Organized Take Away Service

Quick Service, Hot Food that can be Enjoyed by the Customers at their Homes

GARÇON Makes your Life Easier with seamless Deliveries with Driver Tracking

So that your customers can enjoy your food at their convenience

GARÇON- The Intelligent Fine Dining Digital Solution

A Digital Smart Menu Solution that provides a Digital Menu for in Restaurant Orders, Table Reservations, Walk in Management, Waiting Lists, Deliveries, Take Away Management and a whole lot more...

A Completely Customized and Branded Solutions for your Restaurant

The GARÇON Restaurant Application Digital Solution will be fully customized by Cipher Solutions with your name, Branding and virtually all aspects of front end design to suit your customer tastes and allow them to experience your hospitality from the comfort of their homes. Empower your Customer with this Mobile App in other words they enjoy your food anywhere and everywhere

  • Experience better service above all for your customers
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
  • Full-feature Customized User interface that mesmerizes
  • Simple Monthly Charges! Yes, no commissions. In conclusion sell more without worries


A Simple Mobile Restaurant Application for your Customers that is smart

The GARÇON Mobile Application sets it apart from existing standard Restaurant Applications. Above all, It has been built specifically for Fine Dining Restaurants keeping the Higher Customer Standards, Demands and needs in mind.

  • Reserve Tables  Customers can order food with this Mobile App for their reserved table and Enjoy their meals promptly on Arrival.
  • Arrange Take Away from Restaurant  Customers can order Take Away and collect from the Restaurant.
  • Collect Take Away in your Car Customers can order and receive Take Away orders, however they collect it in their Car outside the restaurant
  • Order Home Delivery Yes, Our Application also allows for Home Deliveries


Convenience and ease all the way with features Galore

GARÇON is designed for Convenience and ease of use with loads of features to enthrall your customers. For Instance, Easy login through Social media, Mobile verification, One touch Calling, Cart, Order & Table History, Favorite orders, Customer Wallet, Loyalty Points and a whole lot more. When it comes to features as a matter of fact GARÇON does it all.

  • Easy Login Easy 2 step login,Indeed it also includes social media
  • Order History with Re order button nearby to reorder your favorite meal combination
  • Wallet where the customer can redeem loyalty points accordingly and add money to enjoy quick meals
  • Full Profile to take advantage again of the various features and offers

Customers Love Cipher Solutions


So convenient and easy to use for our customers! We have had great reviews and the feedback is simply outstanding from the customers. The support for GARÇON is excellent and they go to great lengths to ensure satisfaction.

Abdul Rahman, Zaiqa E Hind

It became very convenient for our customers to order food and reserve tables. GARÇON also adds features upon suggestions which is totally great cause we can pass feedback from our customers and see it happening.

Saud Alhakami, Guwaizah Restaurant Company

GARÇON was a dream for us. There were some issues initially but the support teams were fabulous and guided us through the whole launch and supported us completely.

Jameel, Bahar Restaurant

GARÇON Restaurant Application Makes your Life Easier with Awesome Features

Based on Cutting Edge modern technologies GARÇON is based on Native Android & iOS technology and Laravel for the Web Application giving you the power and features to serve your customers. It includes a range of popular and innovative features that makes Menu browsing, Table Reservations, Ordering food for Delivery and Take Away a breeze. Email & SMS Integration along with Push Notifications and Driver tracking to keep your customers informed at every step. For the Management and Employees there are smart Mobile Optimized dashboards which can be accessed from anywhere. Integration with POS, Kitchen Printers, ERP and a whole lot more. It lets you do things your way and promises a productive and flexible customized experience that is entirely yours.


Cipher Solutions will completely customize your front end and Back end design as per your branding and Restaurant Colors so that your customer can feel your Ambiance from Home.


The solution can be used for Multiple Brands and Multiple branches in your Restaurant Company.


You can manage all your Take Away and Deliveries through the solution for a small monthly charge.


Instant real-time Table Reservations, waiting list management and Walk in management to ease out your Table cover worries.


A Complete Digital Menu with Categories, popular Categories like Most ordered etc for In house Dining, Reservations, Deliveries and Take Away


When choosing a Menu Item the customer is prompted for food accompaniments like Bread or Salad with a Soup

Key advantages of using GARÇON Restaurant Application

Cipher Solutions provides GARÇON users with Robust Technology and Business support to ensure that your Restaurant or Restaurants are smoothly operating and keeping your patrons delighted. No Commissions on Orders, just a small monthly fee and unlimited use for all your staff. We provide integrations with your POS and ERP's to ensure a seamless operational technological experience to make your and your customers lives easier.


Robust Maintenance and technical support ensures any likely issue you face is immediately addressed and resolved.


Simplified and easy to Deploy and use Restaurant Application with very little training.

Future Proof

We keep enhancing the Application with new features regularly to keep the solutions updated.


The front end Restaurant Application is Multilingual so that your customers understand you better and feel at ease

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